CHANEL MOORE, affectionately known as Lady Moore, was born and raised in Miami, Florida. She is the wife of Pastor Keith Moore, the proud mother of four beautiful children and she serves alongside of her husband as First Lady of Bread of Life Community Church.  

Friendly, Authentic, Caring, Passionate and Down to earth, are truly some of the attributes that describe Lady Moore’s lively personality. God has truly been able to get the glory out of her life in spite of a childhood riddled with adversity. 

She was abandoned by her drug-addicted mother who eventually died of AIDS, sexually abused, and became a teenage mother, and a convicted felon all before the age of 16. Nevertheless, instead of becoming a victim of circumstance, she became victorious through Christ! 

At the age of 18, she accepted Jesus Christ as her savior and was born again. Dedicated to the work of God and kingdom building she was actively involved in youth ministry, community outreach and evangelism. Three years later she married her husband Keith Moore.   

In addition to her life’s experiences, her studies of Christian Psychology at Trinity International University, has enhanced her understanding and ability to connect to the minds and hearts of people. She describes herself as “Every Woman” because she can often identify with women she comes in contact with. 

Her identity and purpose are clearly seen through the burden she has for hurting women and children, which is why she teaches with passion the importance of nurturing healthy parent-child relationships and the need for a relationship with Jesus Christ. 

The journey as the pastor’s wife has not been an easy task. The most vulnerable parts of her heart have been put to the test, as she has had to face the fear of failure and abandonment, feelings of inadequacy, and being ostracized again.  These challenges have truly placed her heart under the light of God's word.  

Though she has had to overcome many obstacles she continues to press forward living out the purpose God has designed for her life.